More than Birds and Blooms Beyond the Beach Right Now!

Morel mushroom at Indiana Dunes State Park

With spring now here in high gear, it’s easy to get side tracked by all the flowers in bloom and birds singing in the trees.  The slow and observant hiker will notice the abundance of mushrooms popping up right now.  Some swear that when you’re all alone you can literally hear them popping out of the ground!  Weather conditions lately (rain, warm but not hot temperatures) have been PERFECT for morel mushrooms right now!  Most Beyond the Beach sites no doubt are hosting morels right now!

Morel mushrooms are hunted by thousands of people every year for their taste and the joy of the hunt.  Commercially, morels fetch a large sum of cash.  Their distinctive honey-comb shape makes them an easy one to idnetify.  Yellows, blacks, greys, spikes… all common terms heard by local mushroom hunters.

Many Beyond the Beach sites have morel mushrooms popping up right now.  Mushroom hunting is allowed at the State Park, where morels are being seen right now on Trail 2.  For other sites, check with park/site guidelines for mushroom hunting rules.

Grab your ‘shroomin’ bag and get out there!

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