Geocachers Find Cure for Winter Cabin Fever

“Winter is a disease”  — French playwright and poet Alfred De MoussettGeocache Adventure

Now that the winter winds are howling, the snow is falling, and the thermometer is dropping, the beaches and dunes of Porter County are seeing far fewer visitors.   Many can identify with the quote above, but others find winter a delight.   One thing’s for certain, it’s a time of year when cabin fever begins to set in for a lot of folks.  It’s easy to see why.  Many of the great activities we enjoy in the summer can’t be done, and for many working folks, the sun is just setting as we are finishing our work day.  So, instead of enjoying the region, we’re stuck inside playing our Xbox, watching Netflix, or cruising the internet.

The same weather patterns that affect our daily lives also have created the most magnificent natural wonder in Indiana… the dunes!  No matter the season, there are a multitude of outdoor activities that can bring you out of your house and into the great outdoors.  The Indiana Dunes State Park is sponsoring one such activity next weekend, Saturday, January 15 at the state park Nature Center.

Did you get a handheld GPS for Christmas?  If so, then try out geocaching at the state park’s annual Geocaching Adventure.  This year’s theme is called, “The Lake Effect Event!”  It’s a chance to explore the areas beyond the beach and how Lake Michigan influences the land that we live and visit.  Whether it’s shelf ice building, the big snowfalls, tourism, or industry, we owe much to the big lake north of us.

The state park’s Geocache Adventure begins at 11am at the Nature Center and will involve a poker run with a geocaching twist.  Bring your favorite chili, as the park staff will be mixing it all together over an open fire all day.  A great way to end a winter day in the dunes.

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