Early State Park History Revealed March 20

old main gate at Indiana Dunes State ParkMuch has been said and written about the early dunes history.  Stories of H.C. Cowles, Diana of the Dunes, The Prairie Club, and others fill the dunes history books.  Often times we forget to capture the present for our future generations.  History is being made right now that our future will want to read about, just as we want to read about the history of years gone past.

The Indiana State Parks has had a program the last few years where the very people of today are being interviewed, their words being preserved, for our children to read about at another time.  The dunes and surrounding communities beyond the beach hold a treasure trove of knowledge.  While, not always on paper, these craniums of our communities are the real resource that once gone, can’t be replaced.

Once such man of great wisdom and knowledge is our own local Jim Ton.  Jim is the recently retired principal at Chesterton Middle School.  However, Jim’s hats don’t stop there.  He’s also a Chesterton Town Councilman and a board member for Save the Dunes.  If you ask Jim about the state park he’ll have a story to tell you.  In fact, many stories!  Jim worked at the state park many decades ago and still retains the vivid memories and stories of 50 years of change.

Join Jim Ton for a special program at the Indiana Dunes State Park Nature Center on March 20, at 2pm.  Titled, “50 Years Ago Today: A Snapshot from Indiana Dunes State Park,” Jim will highlight the transitionary period at the state park, from the time he worked there through today.  Rumor is he’ll even have is old uniform on!

The Indiana Dunes State Park nature center is located at the north end of U.S. Route 49. Follow construction detours via Waverly Road to enter the park.

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