Check Out Our New Neighbors


By Ken Kosky

Something cool showed up at here at the Indiana Dunes Visitor Center this week: a pair of Killdeer.

Whether you’re an avid birdwatcher – or just someone who thinks it’s cool when a bird you don’t see every day shows up – you’d appreciate seeing what we saw.  This #DunesBirding photo album has photos of the killdeer and will showcase many other birds that can be found in Indiana Dunes Country.

Killdeer have a unique striping in the area under their beaks. They get their name from their shrill “kill-deer.”  And if you ever see one acting like it has a broken wing, running toward you or otherwise acting up, know that it is probably just trying to create a diversion or deter you from its nest.

Killdeer are just one of at least 369 species of birds identified in the Indiana Dunes area. The Indiana Dunes region is one of the best spots in the Midwest for birdwatching (because migrating birds are funneled along the southern tip of Lake Michigan), and this is the time of year when birders are rewarded with the biggest variety and quantity of birds.

To kick off the peak spring birding season, Indiana Dunes Tourism has launched a special birding webpage which features a list of birding hotspots, a bird tracker and a downloadable birding guide. The webpage also features information about the new Backpacks for Birders program, which allows birders to stop by five great birding spots and use – free of charge – a backpack containing binoculars and guides.

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