Art of the Dunes: An Enduring Tradition

“Art of the Dunes: An Enduring Tradition,” is the title of the new summer exhibit at the Westchester Township History Museum. The exhibit opened June 15 and will continue through August 28. The museum, an educational and cultural service of Westchester Public Library, is located at 700 W. Porter Ave., Chesterton, and is open free of charge, Wednesday – Sunday, 1 – 5 p.m.

The exhibit presents the works of 11 artists who continued the tradition begun by Frank V. Dudley and Earl H. Reed, acknowledged as the artistic forefathers of the art of the Indiana Dunes. Some of the artists in the exhibit were contemporaries of Dudley and Reed, while others are still living.

The artists in the exhibit share with Dudley and Reed a dedication to the celebration, protection, and preservation of the Indiana Dunes, although each presents a unique vision of the fragile beauty and majesty of the dunes. Artists in the exhibit include: Alice Adamson, John J. Correll, Jacob Howard Euston, Orval O. Haag, Mary Phillips Lacher, William J. Nelson, Rudolph Ohrning, John Cowan Templeton, Joseph Tomanek, David Tutwiler, and Carolyn J. Vasquez.

The 16 works in the show are owned by a local collector who has carefully built his collection of dunes art over the past 15 years. A pamphlet listing biographical information about the artists is available as a handout.

“Art of the Dunes: An Enduring Tradition” was curated by Jane Walsh-Brown, museum curator. She said of the paintings, “We hope this exhibit will help to nurture not only a love of the Indiana Dunes, but also a sense of gratitude for those who create and collect the art that inspires the protection of the Dunes.”

Walsh-Brown expressed her thanks to the local collector, who prefers to remain anonymous, and to the museum staff members who assisted with the mounting of the new exhibit: Cobie Ball, Bill Corrigan, Joan Costello, LuAnne DePriest, and Eva Hopkins.

For more information about the exhibit, call 983-9715.


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