A Peace That Binds Us All

Labor Day required labor this year, with no respite. With meetings at the Dorothy Buell Memorial Visitor Center on Tuesday, I needed to fly from Austin to Chicago the day before. I enjoyed the small reward of little air traffic, but (to be honest) I would have rather been at home with my family. On the other hand, I did look forward to escaping the blast furnace that is Texas in the summer.

Once I arrived in Portage, I decided to rush to the lakeshore for sunset. The new Portage Lakeshore and Riverwalk, dedicated in late 2008, fit the bill. The park, once a brownfield, is now a wonderful asset to the community as well as to the National Park Service.

I could not have picked a better evening, or a way to usher out the summer and welcome the fall. Carl Sandburg once wrote that the lakeshore and dunes constituted “a signature of time and enternity.” As I stood watching the sun fall over Lake Michigan, captivated by the shadows dancing over the dunes, I forget about time and simply enjoyed a peace that binds us to eternity.

I joined the crowd at the park to celebrate the end of summer, and to enjoy this special place on the planet. The Beyond the Beach Discovery Trail is chocked full of such little-known treasures. Join us this fall and discover for yourself.

Ted Eubanks

7 September 2009

Portage Lakeshore and Riverwalk

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