Notable events from the Indiana Dunes State Park:

Signs of spring continue to appear around every trail corner at Indiana Dunes State Park.
April 1: Listen for wood frogs “quacking” in the wooded swamps.
April 10: Chipping Sparrows are back!  American Tree Sparrows departing.
April 12: Sweet smoke fills the air as park resource management crews do prescribed burns in the grasslands and oak-savanna woodlands.
April 15: Tiny yellow blooms of spicebush give the forest understory a yellow glow on Trail 2.
April 17: Eastern box turtles emerge from their woodland hibernaculas.
April 20: Marsh marigolds in full color on Trail 2 boardwalk.
April 25: Large burst of spring colors, including spring beauty, bloodroot, trout lilies, and dwarf ginseng.
April 25: Blue-gray Gnatcatchers and Yellow-rumped Warblers fill the dune forests.
April 28: First orioles and hummingbirds return to the Nature Center feeders.
The complete April Interpretive Schedule can be found at

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