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Monon Trail


Fisher St. & Manor Ave., Munster, IN 46321


Phone: (219) 836-6927


Connecting from downtown Hammond south to Munster, the 4.4-mile Monon Trail is one of the newest trails to grace the NW Indiana landscape. This facility runs from the Erie-Lackawanna Trail on the north end, and connects to a segment of the Pennsy Greenway on the south. In between a beautiful bridge crosses the Little Calumet River, and connects with its Levee Trail heading eastward. In Munster, the town has created a trailhead replete with seating areas and a fountain feature. Parking and access for the Monon Trail are limited, with no direct parking nearby in Hammond, although Henry Eggers School at 5825 S Blaine Avenue offering the closest parking spots. In Munster, there exists nearby parking at the south end of the trail south of Fisher Street.