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The Indiana Dunes Country

The Indiana Dunes - Nature's Masterpiece

Did you know Indiana Dunes is home to a 15-mile coastline, over 70 miles of trails and more than 350 species of birds? Have you ever seen a dune move? And this is just the beginning. Learn More

Beyond the Beach Discovery Trail

Beyond the Beach
Discovery Trail

There’s far more to Indiana Dunes Country than waves and sand. Step beyond the beach and discover more. Learn More

Beautiful Accommodations


From bed & breakfasts to friendly motels, you’ll find accommodations perfectly suited to your travel style. Learn More

Visitor Center

Visitor Center

Helpful advice from our destination concierges, who are Indiana Dunes Country experts.
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Festivals & Events

International Migratory Bird Day

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The Glass Menagerie

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Bark in the Park

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Culinary Tour


Photographs Copyright: Darcy Giesseman, Jeff Greenberg, Christine Livingston